We are currently unable to redeem gift cards as a payment option. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.
Have a Gift Card? Use this link to check your gift card balance. Gift Card Notice

The balance on gift cards purchased on or before 04.20.10 cannot be checked online, nor can these cards be redeemed online (these gift cards can still be redeemed in GLBC's Brewpub and onsite Gift Shop). Any gift cards purchased on or after 04.21.10 can be redeemed online, as well as in GLBC's Brewpub and onsite Gift Shop. Thank you for your patience as we switch over to a new gift card system!

Contact Us

Mailing Address

Great Lakes Brewing Company
2516 Market Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Customer Service

Online Purchases:
Phone: 216.771.4404, ext 846
Email: onlinestore@greatlakesbrewing.com

Onsite Gift Shop:
Phone: 216.771.4404, ext. 250
Email: glbcinfo@greatlakesbrewing.com

Shipping/Purchasing Beer

Very strict laws govern the shipment of beer. As a result, GLBC is not permitted to direct ship beer from its facilities and does not provide beer for online purchase. GLBC beer is available at your local retailer where distributed, as well as the onsite GLBC Gift Shop (adjacent to the Brewpub).

For distributors in your area, visit the GLBC distributor list page.

Click to download our Online Order Policies in PDF format.