Have a Gift Card? Use this link to check your gift card balance. Gift Card Notice

The balance on gift cards purchased on or before 04.20.10 cannot be checked online, nor can these cards be redeemed online (these gift cards can still be redeemed in GLBC's Brewpub and onsite Gift Shop). Any gift cards purchased on or after 04.21.10 can be redeemed online, as well as in GLBC's Brewpub and onsite Gift Shop. Thank you for your patience as we switch over to a new gift card system!

Gift Card

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Gift cards are redeemable online or in the GLBC Gift Shop and Brewpub. Enter the denomination you would like to purchase in the "Card Amount" field below. Then select the quantity of gift cards you want to purchase at that denomination and click "Add to Cart". PLEASE NOTE: GLBC gift cards cannot be used for online registrations at this time.

A $3.50 flat shipping/handling rate (plus tax where applicable) will be added to all "gift card only" orders. Orders that include gift cards and merchandise will not have this $3.50 charge (i.e., regular shipping charges will apply).
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